Bali – time to recap while on sick leave

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relaxing on a sick leave in Bali

It was quite delicious to try the huge variety of exotic dishes in Bali, but apparently it was time for our first unsuccessful experiment. Even before midnight, our bellies signaled “trouble”. Quite calmly, we opened the big drugs and medicine kit and swallowed what we thought would help. However, it didn’t. Nace hit the ass gasket/big white telephone, while I was stuck with the sink… After a couple of hours of vomiting and diarrhea, without any signs of the latter stopping soon, we decided to look for a doctor.

We had our medical insurance ready so I made a call (7 BGN per minute as usual). They told me that they could not help me. You see, in Bulgaria it was not a working day, they could not check our insurance, but she hurried to inform us to find a doctor to treat us, and, eventually, we would be reimbursed. Well, what a better thing than to seek a doctor at 3 in the morning when all the hotel staff was sleeping …

How fortunate to have a big gong, which served us greatly. The doctor team – Dr Made (what a coincidence of names 🙂 || In Bulgarian, Made would translate as scrotum and in Bahasa Indonesia this is the name of every second, sixth, tenth, etc. child in the family) and her male nurse – was with us in no time. They examined us, prescribed some drugs and left. This came with a bill of $200 for both.

On the next day, for the first time, we had something light for breakfast – a toast and some tea.

The weather was with us – it was raining. It was not difficult to nap for several hours. This was the first serious rainfall in Bali for months.

relaxing on a sick leave in Bali
relaxing on a sick leave in Bali


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This is how you dress yourself when it is raining. Other not-so-good alternatives are nylon bags, raincoats or large leaves (the best out of the three).


The island has two seasons – dry and wet. We arrived there during the dry – which runs from April to October (also called summer 🙂 ), so all in all, we saw rain only twice. Experiencing rain is quite interesting there – it comes in cats and dogs, and is quite refreshing since the humidity before it is almost unbearable. Otherwise, year-round temperatures are 22-30 degrees Celsius, and it is quite humid – meaning that whenever you go there, you only need shorts and flip flops, and you can jump on a surfboard.

After we slept for quite some time, we spent the rest of the day wandering around the hotel, lying on sofas, and playing backgammon. It was relaxing and it was time to point out some interesting things until this moment.

relaxing on a sick leave in Bali


The weather smiles as humans do. When it rains, it is just magical. The people on Bali are friendly and worship tourists as Gods.

The Gods are idolized and every day there are ceremonies and gifts are bestowed before the Gods. The ceremonies and dances are the most authentic “performances” a foreigner can see or randomly attend one. The temples are numerous and each and every one is different from the others – from the most spectacular and full of tourists to the normal not known to anyone temples in the country. The food is delicious and comes in large portions (if you are not a local and you only eat rice), but extra care must be taken to the different dishes in order to avoid seeing your dinner twice…

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The juices are to die for – diverse combinations of fruits and spices. You can even forget about chocolate.


relaxing on a sick leave in Bali
Delicious juices, Toyota – at the background. We have never seen so many Toyota cars (especially Toyota Avanza was almost omnipresent on the island).


relaxing on a sick leave in Bali
Sweet treats to feel like you are in heaven. The chef was providing culinary lessons too 🙂


The most developed sector of the economy is tourism, which provides the majority of the population with an occupation.

Moving around is done with scooters or small motorbikes because driving a car is slower, less convenient, and more expensive. Cars and larger vehicles are used for transporting baggage and cargo. If you drive a car, bear in mind that the motorbikes are always a priority and are more mobile. We nearly got acquainted with the driving habits – the advantage stands with those that are at the front and the traffic lights are not respected very much … a lot of attention and concentration is required, but for three weeks in this travel “chaos”, we did not observe a single incident. What’s more, our moving around with a scooter added a lot of charm and authenticity, as well as adventure, to our trip. This is why we often talk about them.


By the end of the day, we felt almost like new, and we were excited by what lied ahead. The human body handles best what it is used to digest. Surely, we already had in mind what snacks and drinks we we were going to aim for in order to avoid the incidents of the previous night. And Bolognese spaghetti are not to be missed 🙂 🍝 🍝 🍝

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