Let’s go safari Bali!

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Bali Safari and Marine Park totally lived up to the wonderful feedback we’d read about it. A place for little and grownup children where you can meet the animal world from the region and dive into adventures with it.

Early in the morning we jumped on our scooter from Changu and in less than 50 minutes we arrived at the park entrance gate. Our entrance ticket included a safari ride and an animal show with an addition of elephant back ride. We hurried through the par us our slot for the ride was approaching. We still managed to feed an elephant with carrots – it was quite fun! It twisted its trunk at all directions just to get to the any small carrot.


We were given souvenir rice hats – the same that rice field workers wear – and we were ready to jump on the elephant. There was a guy who actually directed the animal, we were just some luggage. Elephant back riding is actually good exercise for the abdominal muscles. The ride was awesome – we passed zebras, rhinos and other inhabitants of the forest. Our elephants had a quick snack of grass and sticks with water hole drinks every once in a while. The most fun was when our 30-year-old elephant decided to show her charm. She sucked water and sprayed the two standing near her arrogant Russians. The very same couple who demonstrated they didn’t like her for some reason. 🙂 We laughed a lot, the evils got what they deserved. The elephant whisperer couldn’t take control over the situation at all. 🙂

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Two rise hats and under the shelter, the best rain protection.

After the ride we watched the animal show featuring trained mice, monkey and a bird of prey. The last one was ready to steal a piece of meat in a second.


Definitely faster than the photographer


The elephant and humans show is a theater performance telling story of the conflict between elephant and people in the island of Sumatra. An impressive performance which was applauded by massive Balinese rain as well. All the actors did a great job and deserved all the love coming from the audience.

The safari ride was by bus and it passed different zones with animals from Bali, Indonesia and Africa. Being on safari we were guests at someone else’s home. So we waited long enough for the lion to cross the track with its own pace, for the monkeys to pose for photos and for the dangerous hippos chilling in the water.

We took some shots with friendly colorful parrots and a baby lion and observed white tigers in their chase for lunch (steaks).

We also had lunch in one of the restaurants (yes, there are even hotel rooms), visited the aquarium and decided to skip the water park with all the slides and stuff…


This place is just so much fun for people of different ages. People tend to stay few days there to be able to experience everything to the fullest. On our way out we were asked to fill in a feedback form and in return received a gift. We overheard a lady who mentioned this was her 4th time in the park and her 12th in Bali. A good example of how people return to places they enjoy (although being Australian it is relatively easy to get to Bali 🙂

In the late afternoon we were chilling at the Tugu beach where beginners surfers were in action.

Even the most adventurous days in Bali end  with a calm and beautiful sunset!

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