Bali – meet the locals on Seminyak and Legian beaches

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Our host Morgan drew a map for us to show us how to get to any cool beach or POI in any direction. It worked as a charm to reach Echo beach but now it was time to go further. So it was a total mess. Good that we had a GPS navigation. Navigation + scooter = we were unbeatable. The whole island was ours to explore.
We headed to two of the Western towns in Bali and their beaches. First we landed on Seminyak where it was calm and hard to meet anyone. The wide sandy beach greeted us with small breakfast cafes. Little tiny crabs were shuttling. The early-bird surfers were already warming up. We hit the best weather for a beach walk – the cloudy weather!

From the neighboring beach of Legian you can see the landing airplanes. It is a little more crowded than Seminyak but it’s still nice and calm. Perfect for a sunset!

A cheerful guy works as a painting salesman. While we were having another beer on the beach, he approached us. The conversation started with the ordinary “Hello, how are you?”, we continued with talks about accommodation, how long we stay in Bali, are we on a honeymoon? The usual talks you get from someone trying to sell you something. However this youn man just wanted to talk with us.

He took a seat next to us and ditched the painting. His working time was over. What he does is to wander across beaches all day long. In the evenings he returns home with his scooter to have drinks with friends. He doesn’t have enough money to live by the sea that’s why he lives in the capital Denpasar. There was a guy next to him who was thrilled when he heard we came from Bulgaria. It was impossible to convince him that this is not next to Nigeria in Africa. We tried to explain different continents with no success.

After our funny and delightful conversation about football (which we know almost nothing about) we felt enlightened. The people from Bali are big fans of this game and are quite keen on European soccer/football. So they have heard about Bulgarian achievement in football. Wow! The only thing they knew before they met us!

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