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When I was thinking what my first sentence of the Bali stories should be, I was lacking ideas desperately. The truth is that it’s not hard to attract someone’s attention to one of the most heavenly islands on Earth. It could be challenging to pick the right words to express your feelings when you visited the place you dreamed for. A place which some might visit once, others will return to every year. A place that everyone that makes your every friend jealous.  🙂

Bali is not just beautiful nature, unique culture and customs. It is also the beauty of the people who live there. Visiting the island without touching the rich souls of the people is a sin. What makes Bali charming is the harmony between the warm weather and the warm people.


We (Bistra and Nace) spent a whole of three weeks there that were not enough. Anyway, we did visit known and unknown spots on the island. We hired a scooter motor bike for transportation. Sometimes we hired a guide with a car. Some places enchanted us with the locals’ stories, with their lifestyle. At some places we discovered interesting facts about the everyday life and the culture on our own. We slept in three different parts of Bali and we couldn’t sleep waiting for the sunrise, moving to dolphins’ natural performance stage or being in a hurry for the next adventure.


We left Sofia with 4 suitcases, 2 of them empty. On our way back we filled on of them with presents, the other with strong emotions and vivid memories.  It is Bali’s fault that we started blogging and sharing stories around… 🙂

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We hope our stories and photos will give you at least vague idea for the true beauty of Bali and will inspire more people to start packing. To travel to the heaven on Earth and to explore it the way their hearts tell them…

All about our experiences in Bali you can read here.

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