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*Here is a review of 2017 workwise, so you can get an idea of some of the projects we were and are involved with.

And here are some of our projects so far. Let’s see how the real magic happened…

With our first book “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals” we organized and conducted a few off-the-beaten-path book presentations within Bulgaria. We had tons of fun together with warm-hearted local people who are artists, creators, dancers, travelers and people who value life!


Представяне на книгата във Варна
More about the events (in Bulgarian) Sofia | Plovdiv | Varna | Ruse | Harmanli



Here is what impressed us about the Baltics in a live talk.

A video from Bistra’s participation in the first Bulgarian “Traveler on Stage” – ‘Follow the Locals in Kenya’

A video from Nace’s participation in “Traveler on Stage” – coming soon!

Ready to jump into your next adventure but need a little help? You have never organized your own trips and you want the perfect travel experience?

Let us help you travel the way you like it, aid you in taking the maximum out of your trips, and make your dreams come true!

Let us use our experience from the 69 countries we have visited and, more than 150 self-organized trips with thousands of unforgettable moments on the road to help you plan the best trip of your life.

We have met a lot of good people with great ideas. We do our best to help them achieve their goals.

That’s why here we’d like to mention our friends from Kenya and their amazing banda accommodation where you can stay and become a part of a big family.


Banda in Kenya


Get in touch with Rama’s hut on Facebook or check out their website.

How can we help your business?

Together with ASTOM and the Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria, we conducted several press trips. Our common goal was to promote less visited places in Bulgaria to locals and foreigners.

Video from Cherven Fortress
Which destination needs a word spread?

We always find time to get dressed like locals and learn a new dance.

With our dancing experience and being dance teachers at Applaus Dance we work towards bringing positive mood and emotions wherever we are. Dance all your problems away and make friends out of total strangers!


танци на плажа в Мавриций
You want to dance Sega in Mauritius, and get all the help you need from us?



From baby steps for beginners to jaw-dropping choreographies with costumes at an attractive place – we’ll make your crazy dance dreams come true!

When we follow locals we try to learn about new interesting customs and traditions. Here are some examples.


Masai people have their way of defining how much a man should pay if he wants to marry a woman - the higher you jump the less you pay! Fair enough.
Masai people have an interesting way to define what a man should pay if he wants to marry a woman – the higher he can jump the less he will pay. Fair enough?


making rings our of walnuts in the jungle in Bolivia
We make rings out of walnuts in the Bolivian jungle. Totally handmade with natural materials 🙂


An off-road truck takes you to a coffee plantation where you grind coffee with a song – it tastes better this way!


There’s a village in the Guangxi province in China where women have 2-meter-long hairs. Here’s what they do with hair so long 🙂


There are so many unique and beautiful traditions that one lifetime is not enough to get to know them!

We believe international volunteering is the right way to significant social change on an intercultural and international level.

More about the Erasmus+ “You are not alone” project in Denmark, “Differences challenge assumptions” training in the UK.

What can you achieve if you have a month of your time and a legal startup in India?

What can you achieve if you have a month of your time in Beijing to work with China Youth Development Foundation?


This blog is a portfolio of about 600 articles about travel, vacation, trips, work, and travel, traveling as a way of life. Here you can learn about different places, inspiring people, and impressive stories. We write in Bulgarian and English and we take photos and videos.


screenshot blog en

Our plans and ambitions in the world of books do not end with our book “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals”. It is a showcase of our potential and our abilities, and we hope it touches more and more readers. If you need an inspiration or any help with book writing and self-publishing, you have come to the right place!


We were lucky and happy to work with high school students in Lego robotics teams. Long before our teams started to win national and European competitions we knew mentoring and teaching were our not-so-hidden powers. Fascinating activities and hours of learning and practice accompanied by smiles on the faces of the students – that’s the ultimate reward for our efforts!


лего FLL дъски с роботи

отбор шампион с второ място на европейските полуфинали FLL
After a few months of hard work, we won the second place in the First Lego League European Semifinals.
We have a solid corporate experience where we spent a considerable amount of time on socially responsible projects of the company we worked for. From setting up clothes and toys collection stations, through organizing volunteering events for the colleagues, to more serious matters like leading a project for recruiting and onboarding people with disorders in the autism spectrum.

Are you a company that needs consulting and fresh new ideas for your CSR strategy? Let’s talk!

We have worked with many brands, companies, travel start-ups, and creative enterprises. Here are some of them.

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