Travelers’ romance – on a night like the one in the photo we decided to share some interesting facts about the founders of this website The Magic of Traveling.


  • We love to collects cool moments when we travel – so far 37 745 and counting. Always looking to see what’s beautiful and good is not only the way we travel but also the way we live. We are ready to support everyone who wants to attract positive emotions and people.
  • We have been volunteering in India and China. Nace helped a legal consulting firm, Bistra helped a youth development foundation. Both of us had the opportunity to work with developing markets and extremely professional and dedicated people. Bistra had participated in a few Erasmus+ youth projects.
  • We believe every traveler is an ambassador of the place they come from, their country, their region, town or village – intentionally or not. Travelers build the image of countries, institutions, beliefs, all the people involved in their dreams, all the values they stand for.



  • You can talk to us in 8 languages – Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian. Communication (verbal or not) is extremely important for us as we always aim to connect with people we meet. Being able to quickly make friends is changing our philosophy towards life and helps us grow as personalities.
  • We love dancing, teaching dance and experimenting with traditional outfits and folklore dance. If you see happy faces with odd costumes moving in an unconventional/scary style – come and say hi to us!



  • We love wine. We are also amateur sommeliers. We have a passion for wine festivals, hidden wineries and romantic vineyards everywhere around the globe. We never use the spit bucket with the good samples!
  • So far we have planned and organized our trips on our own. Once we decided to use a travel agency for flight tickets and hotels in Santorini. It went bankrupt a couple days before our planned departure. We never lose heart so we hit the road to Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia. After stories like this we really hope for more positive experiences with travel agencies to shout about. We believe modern tour agencies can offer high quality and innovative products and services to their customers, if they work with cool travel bloggers like us.
  • We both have written a few poems when we were children. Someday we should resume this activity. For now we are more into writing prose.



Working from Mendoza, Argentina


  • Information usually reaches us via our phones and computers. We rely on our friends and the Internet to be aware of what’s going on here and there. We don’t have a TV set. We try not to posses things, but experiences. Stuff that doesn’t fit a suitcase or a backpack is no go for us.
  • We have funded our travels ourselves so far. Sometimes we work with destinations, travel-related businesses and experiences, tourism boards. Sometimes we team up with artists, bloggers, journalists, tourism professionals to create value. We are willing to work with anyone who believes together we can create something good for the people and the planet. You can read our travel manifesto here.
  • Our favorite question is “How do you manage to have so much time for traveling?”. Time is never enough therefore we highly appreciate your suggestions on how to maximize the time we have(usually everybody has 24 hours per day) to travel. We share any insight, tips and tricks and advice especially when we do something nice for a limited amount of time or take the most out of our time somewhere.
  • We have had health issues and/or tested the hospitals and healthcare in 9 countries – Greece, Chile, India, Spain, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Argentina and on a cruise ship passing the Gibraltar strait. We didn’t leave those mishaps to ruin our experience and the magic of traveling! 🙂
  • Did we miss something funny and interesting? Tell us!


We are very happy to hear from you, you can get in touch with us via our email, Facebook or Instagram. And also via Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest!