9 (un)usual things you will find in the handbags of Sofia ladies

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It might be highly inappropriate to take a look in a lady’s handbag. Shiny lipsticks, keys to home and a mobile phone? Those are some of the most common items to find in a lady’s handbag. What happens if you could see some of the not-so-common items? How about if the unusual stuff was location-dependent? What if where you come from or where you live defined what to put in your bag and carry around with you all day long?

Things you choose to have with you in your handbag might be able to show what kind of person you are. But can those unusual things you carry tell more about the place you live in? Can we use the content of a bag to learn more about a place, to be inspired to visit it or even fall in love with it?


Sofia lady bag content


I took a look in a couple of ladies’ handbags to see if the city of Sofia, Bulgaria influenced the content of their bags. And here are some of the most funny unusual items you can find in the handbag of a Sofia lady.


1. Tourist map of Sofia and a cartoon mini version to fit in a purse
Every proud Sofia lady has to be able to answer questions about the best things to see and do in Sofia. So a cool bunch of people created a colorful and helpful unconventional map of Sofia which the lady could give to a foreign friend. Or she will always be ready to recommend something based on this little but packed with info cartoon map.


2. Public transport paper tickets and electronic cards
Paper tickets are а classic in Sofia – they come with the advice to perforate them every time you get on a bus/tram/trolleybus. The most authentic experience will be to buy it from the vehicle driver without using Bulgarian words. On the electric vehicles you can even use an electronic card which gets charged as soon as you put it close enough to those ugly orange boxes. The metro is a different story with tickets of its own which are valid only if you buy them from the station you plan to start your journey from.
Too much, too complex? But tickets and cards take just a small section in Sofia lady’s wallet. It takes years to get used to the whole system but your mental and physical stamina will be taken to a whole new level.

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3. Public transport maps and apps
I am a native Sofia girl which has more than 4500 hours on the public transport network in Sofia. And still I need a map of it and pray that every schedule turns out correct. When in motion, don’t forget to take advantage of smart apps that tell you where to transit, what the fastest route is and so on. Plan in advance so you can be wherever you want to be on time and in а good mood.

Getting deeper


4. Spare cash for urgent taxi rides
Hide 20 BGN somewhere in your bag so you can catch a taxi in case you are in a hurry, or don’t want to bother with the public transport specifics (as mentioned above). Most of the ladies in Sofia say that amount of money is enough for a ride between two locations in the perimeter inside the Sofia ring road. Or for an extra bite and extra cocktail after a tiring day at work.


5. A marker to color the scratches on your car
If you can afford the commodity of driving a car in Sofia, don’t forget that parking space is just not enough for everybody! So be ready for a lot of scratches and other parking damages on a daily basis. Some people from Sofia complain about not being able to keep up with fixing all the car marks and evidence from parking in Sofia. Here comes the smart Sofia lady which always has a special color matching marker to paint the scratches and avoid another car service bill.

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6. Hairpins and hair ties
While Bulgarian ladies are known for their hair beauty and Sofia ladies are no exception to that, hairpins and hair ties are much more necessary in some typical situations when you live in Sofia. For example, your door lock may be stuck again, you may drop something in a tiny shaft or you may need to restyle the clothes you wear to look fresher on the go. Last but no least – temperatures and climates seem to change quite unpredictably in Sofia – so you may want to change hairstyles in seconds and use hairpins and hair ties as intended.

Going pro


7. A folding bag
When you are in Sofia, you don’t know if you are about to find the best tomatoes at the open market or nice gifts for all of your friends at the crafts exhibition. A folding bag takes up small space in the handbag and has too many usages not to be considered an useful item.


8. An ultrasonic dog deterrent
Stray dogs walking around in their good or more often bad mood is a common situation in Sofia. It is one of those situations that nobody wants to talk about. So if you fear dogs or just want to stand any chances if you meet them in their bad mood – you should have an ultrasonic dog deterrent in your bag. Or even a self-defense telescopic folding stick, as some Sofia ladies recommended.


9. A chocolate snack
Any bag would feel empty if you don’t have an emergency snack in it. Some use them to satisfy their sweet teeth, some resort to them when they feel really starving on the go. If you want to feel the old times Sofia tastes, you should follow the local ladies having the Balkan chocolate pastry or Borovets wafer in a special section of their handbags.

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Strange or not, funny or not, those items seem to occupy special space in the handbags of Sofia ladies. Did you manage to learn something about the city based on the items above? Do you think the unusual stuff you carry can reveal some secrets and share some tips and tricks about the place you live in?
Did you feel some empathy for the Sofia ladies? Do you love the city yet?




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2 Responses

  1. It sounds as though life in Sofia is an adventure! laughed out loud at “special color matching marker to paint the scratches” on cars and the dog deterrent. could be handy in Toronto too

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      If you mean the dog deterrent, I’m not excited to visit Toronto at all 🙂
      If it’s about the car scratches – yes, driving and parking are not everybody’s power!

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