5 of our favorite travel books

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Where do we get travel inspiration from? How do we choose the next destination? Can a book inspire us to visit a place? YES! That’s the reason why we have put together a list of 5 of our favorite travel books. We ordered them randomly.


Favorite travel books


The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner

A journalist travels around the world in search of the happiest places on Earth. And isn’t happiness everything all the travelers are pursuing? We love to dive into mister Weiner’s comic stories and wise lessons.

‘Follow me to’ by Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova

The couple became world-known for the photos where the girl leads the boy by the hand to beautiful places.

We open their book to a random page and then the picture and those few words describing the moment magically take us to dream about our next journey.

‘Тhe fairy islands’, ‘101 romantic getaways’, ‘501 must-take journeys’, etc.

Well, we have a group of books with inspiring photos here. It happened quite often that we got inspired to visit a place from those very cool books (most of them were gifts for us by our friends). And we love to put a tag on every spot we have already visited!

‘Born to run’ and ‘Natural born heroes’ by Christopher McDougall

‘Born to run’ – the action takes place in Mexico where the people from a secret local tribe amaze with their ability to run for a long time only charged with… guacamole. The second book – ‘Natural born heroes’ – is still being read by Nace. Obviously, the secrets of the island of Crete and its superheroes managed to enchant him for almost half a year…

Let the journey take you to  5 of our favorite travel movies

Lonely Planet guidebooks

‘South America on a shoestring’ has been a great deal of help for us while planning our two-month journey through South America. In return, we took the book in our backpacks and let it see those cool places it told us about. Can you imagine what we have in mind for ‘The world’ book? 🙂 Update: We already have it!!!

Reading by river Osam
Reading nearby the most awesome river in Bulgaria – Osam river – priceless!


And how about you? Which are your favorite travel books? Do you carry them with you when you travel?


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